1. Supervise the preparation of plans and programs for Infrastructure projects of the Municipality.
2. Supervise the Preparation of Program of Works of all infrastructure project of the Municipality.
3. Supervise the Implementation of all Infrastructure projects of the Municipality and the preparation of is Accomplishment report.
4. Supervise the maintenance and repair of existing Municipality Infrastructure due to calamities.
5. Supervise the maintenance and repair of existing municipal Infrastructure projects.


A progressive agri-industrial and Commercial Center in the region with God-Loving, resilient and empowered Nabueños, Living in a safe, functional and ecologically-balanced environment under a vibrant and sustainable economy with business friendly, efficient, transparent and accountable governance.


To be able to deliver basic and modern engineering techniques, including its review, procedures in Infrastructure development as well as coordination, supervision and control of construction, repair and maintenance of local roads and bridges and other engineering and public works of the Local Government Unit.

Our Functions:

          (1) Initiate, review and recommend changes in policies and objectives, plans and
programs, techniques, procedures and practices in infrastructure development and
public works in general of the local government unit concerned;
         (2) Advise the governor or mayor, as the case may be, on infrastructure, public works,
and other engineering matters;
         (3) Administer, coordinate, supervise, and control the construction, maintenance,
improvement, and repair of roads, bridges, and other engineering and public works
projects of the local government unit concerned;
        (4) Provide engineering services to the local government unit concerned, including
investigation and survey, engineering designs, feasibility studies, and project
       (5) Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be
prescribed by law or ordinance.