The Civil Registrar’s Office is mandated to register the birth of every citizen so that we have a name and identify to be known in the community, to go to school, to travel, to be employed, to enjoy benefits and services and to exercise some civil rights. We register the marriage of a man and a woman as a notice to the whole world about contract to become husband and wife and will, thus produce civil effects. We register the fact of death of a person in order to record the termination of his civil rights.


A progressive agri-industrial and Commercial Center in the region with God-Loving, resilient and empowered Nabueños, Living in a safe, functional and ecologically-balanced environment under a vibrant and sustainable economy with business friendly, efficient, transparent and accountable governance.


Take the lead in establishing a complete record of vital event for its citizenry and service as the Municipality’s depository of vital records affecting the change in the civil status of its citizenry from birth to death; and such other changes that mat occur during the life time of its constituents