• Formulate measure, provide technical support in the delivery of basic services for agricultural productivity and provision of Adequate facilities relative to agriculture service;
  • Develop plans and strategies for agriculture programs and projects for implementation;
  • Ensure that maximum assistance and access to resources in the production, processing, and Manufacturing of agricultural and aqua cultural product and extended to farmers, fisherman and local entrepreneur;
  • Conduct location specific agricultural researches and disseminate appropriate technology to maximum productivity
  • Establish Demo farms for extension services;
  • Enforce rules and regulations related to agriculture and aqua-culture;
  • Coordinate with other Government Agencies NGOs to promote agricultural productivity through appropriate technology compatible to environmental integrity;
  • Be in the frontline in the delivery of basic agriculture services, particularly during and after Man-made, natural disaster and calamities;
  • Recommended for legislation or implementation matter related to agriculture and Aqua-culture which will improve the livelihood and living condition of inhabitant;
  • Exercise other powers and perform other duties and function as maybe prescribe by the law or Ordinance


A progressive agri-industrial and Commercial Center in the region with God-Loving, resilient and empowered Nabueños, Living in a safe, functional and ecologically-balanced environment under a vibrant and sustainable economy with business friendly, efficient, transparent and accountable governance.


In pursuit of the vision, the Local Government Unit Administration in coordination with the civil society shall implement viable sectoral programs and quality services responsible to the fundamental needs and aspirations of the people thru accountable governance.


To increase agricultural productivity in all Agri-Programs and Agri-Fishery Areas.


  1. Rice
  2. Corn
  3. High Value Crops and Vegetables
  4. Livestock, Swine and Poultry Health Services
  5. Crops and Farmers Insurance
  6. Institutional Development
  7. Research and Program Networking with Allied Agencies